Central Market



Day two, our first full day as Seattleites together, was full of errands most notable of which was Central Market. Central Market is this amazing and huge grocery store carrying loads of organic foods. Ryan and I first stumbled upon this gem in Texas and were thrilled to find one close to our place here! 

The store is filled with interesting foods like cactus leafs and donut peaches! 

ImageThese were about an inch and a half thick and super flat! 

We continued on our way shopping for the week 

ImageWhat a view! 

Then we came to my personal favourite aisle 

ImageLook at all that tea! 

We went with a Darjeeling.

At home Ryan and I made dinner, jalapeno and cheese hamburgers (Dad and Ben take note you’d love these!)

ImageSuper easy and amazing, all we did was slice up an onion and a jalapeno pepper (both very thin) to mix in with a traditional hamburger (ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, seasoning) and then stuffed them with a bit of cheddar cheese, Ryan popped them on the BBQ and we were eating within half an hour! 

So far Seattle is a success, at least on the food front! 






One thought on “Central Market

  1. I can’t wait to visit! The photos are beautiful and the dinner looks yummy!
    That might be a very nice dinner when I come to visit 🙂

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