Take a Tour…

Today I spent all day (literally all day with only a break for the gym and then lunch) cleaning and organizing our apartment! After all that hard work I think the place is ready to be shown off a bit 🙂 

Imagethe outside of our place. 

We’ll start with the bedroom

ImageI love the bedspread, got lucky when Ryan agreed to it thinking it was red not pink.

Our living room…

ImageSuper comfy couch and glass coffee table (not so comfy) all the way from Montreal. 

The kitchen…

ImageWhere we cook 

ImageAnd where we eat, when we’re not at the sofa enjoying Real Housewives of somewhere with dinner.

My favorite spot …

ImageDesk and bookshelf, where all my brilliant writing happens. 

And finally the frog pond…

ImageThere is a lovely choir of frogs in there, singing to us each night. 

That’s our place! Stay tuned for next post, should be about food, we are cooking whole fish (head and eyes included) tonight so I’ll probably put a picture of that up later! 









5 thoughts on “Take a Tour…

  1. Awesome place Sarah!! Even though I just saw it through skype with you, it looks great 🙂 so excited to come visit you two!!

  2. Very nice home. Very happy… Sarah, all your hard work paid off today. Can’t wait to see how the fish turns out (head & eyes).

    Love the Frog pond (ribit) 🙂

  3. Wow! What a great way to stay in touch and keep us in the loop of what is going on! LOVE…love….love… your apartment! It looks fabulous!! Nice to see where the musical frogs live! Looking forward to reading and seeing more! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Love you Mom and Joseph xo

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