Hot Yoga and Red Lights

Today was a day of firsts for me, first day driving alone in Everett and first day doing hot yoga. Both went surprisingly well.

On Tuesday Ryan and I were out for lunch in Mill Creek and across the street from us was a hot yoga studio offering ten classes for ten dollars for new students. I couldn’t resist! So this morning after dropping Ryan off at work (and not getting lost) I headed out for my first 9:30am class of Hatha yoga. 

I didn’t exactly know what to expect but for some reason I didn’t really think that it would be that hot. Let me tell you, after ten minutes of getting myself accustomed to the temperature of the room I was literally dripping sweat. The first thirty minutes flew by but the last ten dragged on forever. Despite the fact that I was thoroughly soaked in sweat, no joke every piece of clothing I was wearing was drenched as if I had jumped into a lake, about ten minutes after the class was over I was feeling great and the feeling just improved as the day went on! Now I have to pat myself on the back here and let you know that the instructor told me what a good job I did on my first class, very proud of myself 🙂 and now it’s back for more tomorrow! 

In my rush to get home and shower I forgot to take a picture of the building but here’s the link

and here is a picture of my things on their way home from class



Which leads me to my second point, driving in the States. 

They have this crazy thing called right turns on red. Now I don’t know what crazy person came up with this idea but I for one hate it. In Montreal there is a red, you stop and wait for the green. Makes sense. But here there is all this pressure to turn right! You have to make a full stop and then turn right! Who even makes full stops in Montreal not to mention turn on a red, you can blow through them sure but don’t go all crazy and make me treat them like a stop sign that I actually have to stop at. (Another weird thing about it here is that they do full stops, not the kind of stops you do when you think you’re stopping but the kind you do when you’re taking a driving test. Weird.) 

To update you all on the fish I told you about last post I would like to take you on a journey called “The Evolution of the Fish.”

ImageThat’s our fish. Beautifully raw, stuffed with garlic, rosemary and lemon, coated in garlic wine and olive oil and ready to be put on the barbecue and cooked to perfection. 

ImageThat’s what our fish looked like cooked, after it had burned to the grill and Ryan had to pick it off, transfer it to tin foil and continue the cooking. 

ImageFinally this is what our fish looked like as we had the leftovers tonight, de-bonned (mainly – Ryan forgot a few!) and mixed with onion, red pepper, garlic, mayonnaise, chilli paste, egg and coated in bread crumbs and fried. Delicious. 






3 thoughts on “Hot Yoga and Red Lights

  1. So glad you found YOUR first ‘thing’ to do in Seattle… Brave girl! Lucky Ryan was able to save the fishie! (And I’m sure you both had a good laugh over that one!) your patties look amazing!! Hugs.

  2. Looks like you are settling in well. We need a pic of you before and after
    hot yoga, just to see 🙂
    Love you!

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