The Walrus and the Carpenter

Tonight Ryan and I were celebrating our three year anniversary almost a month late. We decided to go to an oyster bar and “The Walrus and the Carpenter” came highly recommended.


We were told that the place gets really busy and does not take reservations so to go an hour or two before we wanted to eat. We arrived at five, gave our names and went next door for drinks while we waited.


ImageWe resisted food and went for cocktails and beer instead

ImageRyan got beer and I got a grapefruity drink

Our table still wasn’t ready so we went for round two

ImageAgain Ryan got beer, a Mexican one that he didn’t like very much and I got a drink that looked pretty but wasn’t as good as the first.

Finally we got the call from The Walrus and the Carpenter and went next door for our long awaited dinner.

The oyster bar was decorated beautifully, it had a casual – cool – beachy atmosphere, was loud and excited and all the staff were amazingly friendly, passionate and knowledgable on seafood.



We were seated at the bar right in front of the oyster chef


To our left was this beauty of a wall and the area where the chefs would place the food and wait for the wait staff to pick it up

ImageAll the chefs were working in front of us but Ryan and I were closest to the oyster chef.

We started with some bread and butter


Our oysters took a little bit longer than they should have, I think they forgot about us, but the chef was so apologetic he gave us a few extra oysters and the waiter gave us a complimentary dish for one of our orders to make up for it as well. Honestly, even though we were starving for a while I can’t complain about the staff or the food or anything, I can’t wait to go back!!



They were phenomenal.

Next we got an order of grilled sardines


Followed by steak tartar


I can’t say enough good things about this place! Mom and Dad we are taking you guys when you come in! Be ready! The oysters were marvellous, fresh, delicious and a great variety of types. The bread was phenomenal, I liked the sardines but they were honestly my least favorite. The winner of the night however (aside from the oysters) was the steak tartar. I am by no means a meat person, and definitely not a red meat person, but this I couldn’t get enough of!

Cannot wait to go back and try some more things like their salads and octopus and of course more oysters!


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