PF Chang’s and Cards Against Humanity

Tonight was a really great night. It started out as a girls night, Sydney (new Seattle friend) and I went to Pf Chang’s for dinner. I was excited to try it out as I have never been and everyone in Montreal and Seattle alike say its a great place! 

We got there and the wait list was already pretty big but the hostess said it was only a half hour wait so we took the little beeper thing and walked around the mall. 

I almost found a new tea place (I’m a big David’s Tea fan) but it turned out to be super expensive (18$ for tea expensive) so I went on my way. Guess I’ll just have to order my teas online from now on. 

We went back to the restaurant and they had our table ready! There was a great menu of two dinners for 40$ so we went with that. Starting out with pomegranate martinis (not included in the price) 



First course was soup, I decided to branch out and get a sweet and sour soup 



Sydney got a egg drop soup, which I wish I went for, was really not a fan of my choice at all! 



Then we had pork dumplings 



They were delicious and PF Chang’s gives you a little tray of three small pots of sauce and you mix them all together giving you this amazing sauce to put on everything!

I forgot to take a picture of our main meal but it was rice with spicy chicken and then chicken with ginger and broccoli. The chickens were great but nothing compared to the dessert we split…



I would like to eat three more of these right now. 

Pretty much a deconstructed snickers bar aka AMAZING! We promptly decided to have a desserts and drink night 🙂 

After dinner we went back to her place, her boyfriend works with and is friends with Ryan so the guys were already out together (four of them in total) and we were all coming back to play Cards Against Humanity. 

Cards Against Humanity is this hilarious card game where everyone holds ten cards and one person flips over a subject card. Everyone has to anonymously put one of their cards in a pile to go with the subject, the funniest one wins. 

Ex: Subject: _____ It’s a trap! 
cards: Auschwitz / Grave digging / The Underground Railway 

The game is a lot of fun and can go on for ages! It’s really nice because you can buy it online for 25$ or download it and print it out for free if your willing to cut out the cards by hand. Also, this past Christmas the company made a Christmas Expansion Pack and said pay what you can, suggested a minimum of two dollars, and gave the money to charity. Nice little bit of irony there, makers of the most hilariously awful game doing something so amazing 🙂 I definitely know that I’ll be getting this game for some people this holiday season!  


2 thoughts on “PF Chang’s and Cards Against Humanity

  1. Sounds like you guys are doing great. Very happy for you. Sarah, I have to agree with you on the soup, not my favorite either.

  2. Looks yummy! I also agree: stay away from the sweet and sour soup!!!!
    Sounds like you had a great night, what a wonderful way to start the week-end.
    Love you

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