Hot Friday

Today was a scorcher, the kind of day that makes me stay inside with the air-conditioning full blast while I happily wear lulu sweats and drink tea. 

Unfortunately we do not have air conditioning so I had to stay inside with the windows open and the ceiling fans on high. That did the trick for the majority of the day until around four pm when it got really hot, at which point I closed the blinds and tried to survive in the darkness. 

Ryan made dinner tonight (I was delirious from the heat) and it turned out fabulously 



After dinner Ryan went to the gym while I went to the pool (Ken Follett in tow) but of course by this point it was after seven and the weather had cooled down to livable temperatures. 



I still had a good time with my man Follett and the onset of WW2. 

Not really looking forward to the weekend / week … supposed to be around 30 all week even going up to “feeling like 37” so I think I’ll live the the library or grocery store for their air conditioning this week. I thought Seattle was supposed to be rainy …


3 thoughts on “Hot Friday

  1. Oh Sarah! I am sorry to say that you made that sound really funny! At least the summer is not too long,
    and not every day will be hot

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