Today was a pretty quiet Saturday for Ryan and I, we stayed at home and did a few errands/chores. Tomorrow we’re planning on going downtown anyway so we didn’t mind. 

First we cleaned up the whole apartment, luckily we’ve been pretty good about this so it didn’t take too long but we still had to do the normal weekly things like vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom etc. Then we did some groceries and went to the hot yoga studio so I could sign up for a monthly pass! I was lucky to do it when I did, since I was still under my ten for ten plan I got a special rate by signing up for three months plus the lady I was talking to told me about a class that I haven’t tried yet but sounds great, planning to try it out monday! 🙂



My pass! 🙂 

Later on in the afternoon we Skyped with my Mom, Dad, Ben, Olivia and Grandma for my mom’s birthday (a few days early) They were celebrating on the weekend so that everyone could make it and Ryan and I tuned in to sing her happy birthday and watch her open presents! It was really nice to virtually be in the same room as everyone again! Plus I got this awesome picture from Ben so that I “don’t forget him” 



Later Ryan and I had an early dinner since we are going to go and see the movie “Now you See Me” tonight! We had stuffed mushrooms (pork and cheese) we bought them and put them on the BBQ but realized while eating them how easy it would be to make ourselves! We also had salad with this amazing dressing! Before coming to Seattle Dina made salad with wafu dressing so today we were on the lookout for some and came home with this 



It turns out the wafu dressing means Japanese dressing and there is a whole selection, we got lucky with the one we got – it was phenomenal! 

Here’s our dinner 



Now we’re off to the movies! Hopefully it’s a good one, I’ll let you know! Also have it on good authority that “The Heat” is excellent. 🙂 


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