Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is a very important day, my moms birthday!! 



Even though she’ll be reading this a day late (time difference) I want the world to know what a wonderful mom I have. She is the most caring, loving, creative, intelligent, strong and all around amazing person you could ever meet. She touches everyone she meets, making complete strangers so comfortable with her that they tell their life stories. She goes out of her way to make anyone and everyone happy and feel special. I couldn’t count the number of people whose lives she has touched in such positive ways 🙂 Not only that but she has always been there for me, my siblings and my dad. Always there to talk, to cry with, laugh with, give advice and make a joke – Jilly Cooper – words cannot describe how wonderful she is and how much I (and so many others) love her! I hope you had an amazing day mom and that the coming year is the best yet! I love you so much! 🙂 xoxo 

This blog was actually her idea. When I left for the States she suggested taking a picture a day, printing them and writing a caption in a photo album so that they would be able to see everything we’ve been up to when her and my dad come visit. This just seemed like a simpler and faster way of sharing. So my picture of the day is the yoga studio! 



This place is amazing!

This evening after dinner Ryan and I went to see Dan’s new place and then to Ikea. The rooftop balcony has an amazing view. 



And is pretty nice itself! 

Ikea was fun, as it inevitably is when you’re over the age of ten, and we were some of the last people out. Made a pit stop at Dairy Queen before heading home. 

Can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday already, that means the 4th of July is coming up aka my first American holiday! Can’t wait. 

Happy Birthday again Mom! 



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Sarah your mom really is the best, she is one of the sweetest ladies and I have always loved her sense of humour, she’s so cheeky and quick. Creative, beautiful and all around lovely – happy birthday Sonya!!

  2. Hi Cookie, you make me blush! It is easy to be there for you guys because you are all the best (I don’t go for anything else).
    Love you loads, have a great day and thanks you for your wonderful words, best gift ever!!
    Mom xo xo

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