We Love Capital Hill!

Today is a beautiful day in Seattle! Ryan and I were talking about going to the beach but it wasn’t quite warm enough so instead we went to explore Capital Hill.

Capital Hill is an amazing area, its a bit of a drive for us but is an artistic and very liberal area. We walked around for about two hours and enjoyed the weather and the different shops that Capital Hill has to offer!


They were doing construction in the area and it was really nice because on the walls of the barrier to the construction there was art work


As well as historical information about Seattle







You could even learn how to dance!

We walked down the street for a while and then found this great little hole in the wall coffee shop. It was so small that you couldn’t actually sit inside it and it only had three small tables in the front. Ryan and I got lucky because we got a table but even if you have to drink your coffee standing up its well worth the trip!




Ryan got a coffee that we think was like a lattee with white chocolate and I got a small vanilla lattee, my go to drink in hipster coffee places. While I’m generally a big (read huge) fan of tea whenever I go to coffee places like this I can’t bring myself to pass up on getting a coffee. They always serve the best you can get!


Those are the faces of two very happy post-coffee drinkers!

After our caffeine fix we continued on our way and found a great shop called “Eat Local”. They sell homemade, organic meals. Everything from pasta to chicken to soups and sauces along with wines, soaps and jams. We couldn’t resist trying something out and bought a lasagna made with chicken, mushrooms, veggies and a béchamel sauce.


They even had a cow outside made of dirt with grass actually growing out of it! It was like a life sized chia pet!

On our way back Ryan spotted a used bookstore! Knowing I have a thing for them he did a quick U turn and since there was no parking waited in the car while I perused.


It’s called Twice Sold Books and was a used book lovers dream! I have a favourite book store in Montreal, The Odyssey, but this is probably my favourite one here. I walked in and was greeted by a fluffy orange half asleep cat and a bookshelf reaching up to the ceiling and full of books. One of the best parts about this place is how huge it is. It has the essential crowded feel, books up to the ceiling, pilled everywhere they can fit, mainly old paperbacks, the quiet of people browsing and enjoying the wonderful space, but this one, unlike many used bookstores, just kept going. On and on and on. It was fabulous! It felt like a never ending treasure trove. I for one cannot wait to go back!


I left happily with two new used books, The Anthem by Ayn Rand, a brilliant writer. And Consenting Adult by Laura Hobson, the owner said it was a classic when I was buying it, who knows but I for one can’t wait to start!


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