Books and Tea

Today was a pretty awesome day! It started out like normal, driving Ryan to work ridiculously early, hot yoga class and lunch but after lunch I decided to do a little exploring and went to the Everett Public Library …

The library has two branches, the Evergreen branch and the main branch. I went to the Evergreen branch first. It was super small, I felt like I was in a kids section the whole time but the people were super friendly and got me set up with a card.




They even had this book, I was so excited since my mom and I love watching the show together!


The library cards are super cool because unlike the ones I’m used to they have a bunch of designs and are thick plastic instead of thin plastic or paper. I chose this cutie


The Everett library has an adult book club which I just had to join. When I went to reference for information on it they signed me up and told me that I have to go to the main branch for the meetings and that the main branch will send over the copy of the book for August.

While waiting in the car for Ryan to get out of work I realized that I would be able to make it to the July meeting if I read really fast since its this coming week. So I headed down to the main branch to find out if they had any copies of said book left. It’s called “Hedy’s Folly” by Richard Rhodes and is about someone called Hedy Lamarr.

The main library was a sight for sore eyes. HUGE and gorgeous.


They even had an indoor two story parking lot!


I got to reference in this one and they had the book for August but didn’t have the one for July, however, they said, the Evergreen branch had four copies, so I collected my book and went back to the other one.

On my way out I found out that the library has its own coffee shop!


I think I’ll be spending a lot of time here!

At the Evergreen branch I got “Hedy’s Folly” as well as an espionage novel “The Expats” by Chris Pavone. Then went home.

Tonight Ryan was making dinner, he made us some delicious chicken kabobs



We also got mail today. Ryan has ordered some Tim Hortons coffee and I some loose tea from David’s Tea. It’s really weird, while Seattle may have amazing coffee they have really awful tea! We ordered on the same day and when we saw that we had two packages Ryan said “You’d better not get your tea before me!” Sure enough…


We also got this amazing package/engagement present from my family!


All in all a great day and maybe Ryan will get lucky and his coffee will come tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Books and Tea

  1. Sarah, looks like you found Nervana!!!OOOMMMHHHH (that is meditative humming). I love the larger-than-life books outside of the library, and I see why you like the library cards: cute, sturdy…..makes you proud to own one. OOOOMMMMHHHHH………….

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