Burlesque in Seattle

Today Ryan and I started out the day by getting up early and finally using the complex pool. It is always full of children (and we really hate them) so we never use the pool or hot tub but today we went at 930 am right after it opened and enjoyed the pool, hot tub and weather for an hour! 



Later on today we had tickets for an amazing show called “Gears, Pasties and other Curios; A Steampunk cabaret”. It was a Purple DeVille production and put on at the Re-Bar, a small and lively bar downtown Seattle. 

This is our view from the highway on the way down 



The show was at 730 and doors only opened at 7 so we went for dinner first. We tried out a place called Tap House Grill which had 160 beers on tap! It was crazy walking in and seeing their bar. Ryan and I tried new and exciting drinks. He got a Belgian beer (chosen by yours truly) that was so weird! It didn’t even taste like regular beer, but in a good way. I got a drink that tasted like a sweet tart – yum. 



We started with some hummus (yes I ate the tomatoes!)



And then split an order of Dudgeons Crab Mac and Cheese and Fish and Chips 



And promptly decided that from now on when we go out to eat we’re splitting a main course! 

After dinner it was time to wait outside for the doors to open and the show to begin! 


The show was a full on burlesque show. It was amazing! There were eleven acts, an MC and stage crew who also interacted with the crowd. We were in awe of the talent and creativity that we saw tonight. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed but you can look the acts up, we saw: 

The Ultra Violets http://ultravioletburlesque.com/

Miss Violet DeVille http://www.violetdeville.com/page/About.aspx

Morgue Anne http://www.modelmayhem.com/1641039

Marcus DeBoyz https://www.facebook.com/marcus.deboyz

and more …

It was hosted by Pinky Shines 

There was a huge variety of music, the costumes were phenomenal, confidence, talent and pasties! We had an amazing time and even won a pair of tickets for another burlesque show later this summer! So excited! 

Here are the few pictures I was able to take of the stage and bar before the show





We had a really amazing time, the food, show and people we met were all wonderful! 


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