Sunday night BBQ

Tonight Ryan and I went over to Sydney and Michael’s place for a barbecue with Dan and Jamie and of course we ended up playing a card game again!

The food was great, Michael made some amazing chicken, shrimps and corn. We also had beans and salad. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the food!

After dinner we played a card game called Fluxx. It was a little weird but we managed to have fun playing it anyway. The game was pretty much being pirates and once the accents came out Ryan really shone!


We also played a great game on Dan’s phone! You chose a category, hold the phone up to your forehead and based on clues the other players give you try and figure out what is written on the screen! Tilt down if you were right and up if you’re wrong.


All in all a great way to end a very long weekend full of cleaning and wedding planing!



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