The Land of Starbucks

This morning after dropping Ryan off at work I finally ventured into the nearest Starbucks. Around here there are many Starbucks that may be considered close but I chose this one 



Before leaving for Seattle my dad gave me a Montreal Starbucks travel mug to use in Starbucks in Seattle haha – so today I did just that! 



I drink tea and thankfully at Starbucks a teas a tea (unlike elsewhere in the United States where tea is garbage) and it was really nice to use my Montreal mug to enjoy it in! This particular Starbucks is open at 3am until late and whenever I pass it, no matter what time of day, the drive through is packed! I walked in and hardly anyone was inside! 

After dinner Ryan and I FINALLY saw the long awaited Despicable Me 2! 



We literally laughed until we cried! There were a few little kids in the theatre but mostly adults. While it is a kids movie it is definitely an adult movie as well! The jokes are too funny for kids to understand! 



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