Coffee and Feminism

Today I decided to go to the Everett Public Library and get some writing done. As I mentioned in an earlier post they have an amazing coffee shop in the library itself. So I headed down, ordered a vanilla latte (any writers drink of choice of course) and got to work.







The coffee was delicious, almost comparable to Cafe Myrad in Montreal (but not quite!) and the lady who owns the coffee shop, named Bookends Coffee, was also lovely. After writing for a while I took a break and read some of this amazing book, The Rise of Enlightened Sexism; How Pop Culture took us from Girl Power to Girls Gone Wild by Susan J. Douglas.


I’m only about half way through so far but I have to say its a must read for men and women alike. Douglas discusses in detail the way that feminism has been shaped by the media and popular culture in a negative way. How they are sending the message that there is no longer a need for feminism since women are already on the same grounds as men and thus that women should be sexualized. She also discusses how the sexualization of women is what keeps them “harmless” to society. I really relate to this book since I see so many women (and know a few!) who sexually objectify themselves, act like they are born to cater to men all the while claiming to be liberated, equal feminists. It is also interesting to look at the fact that “feminist” and “feminism” have become dirty words in society. That most people do not want to be affiliated with that since to them it denotes crazy, bra burning radicals when in reality a feminist is someone who is for equality for all people regardless of gender, sexuality, age, race, religion etc. I think that this is a must read especially for todays society where many women are essentially back pedalling on progress and turning themselves into “powerful” sex objects and living with the illusion, propagated by the media, that the women who are most powerful are the most sexualized. 


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