Bite of Seattle!

Yesterday Ryan and I went, with friends Sydney and Dan, to the Bite of Seattle. It’s an amazing food festival with over one hundred different food vendors to chose from! Not only is it full of amazing food to taste but it also has a lot of booths from various companies that will give out merchandise!

We started out with deep fried lasagna! It turned  out to be my favourite dish of the day.


We wisely decided to split whatever we were eating, thank God because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to get past the lasagna!

Next we wandered around and found these wonderful sliders. One is lamb the other fried oyster and they were paired with garlic fries (not as good as poutine but a pretty good way to eat fries nonetheless!)


After our second dish we headed to the beer garden for beer and cocktails.



There was so much going on at the Bite that it was hard to decide where to go next!


One really fun part of the day was getting my Bite of Seattle T-shirt! There was a printing company that had set up a bunch of designs and colours of the shirts. You got to chose which one you liked and then they would make them (with silk screening) right in front of your eyes!


ImageI wore the shirt today, it says “Eat your Face off – Bite of Seattle”


We tried out some Chinese food


A snow cone (that we ended up tossing since who really wants a snow cone at a food festival!)


Fried aligator on a stick (my second favourite food of the day)


And then some frozen, chocolate, peanut and sprinkle coated cheese cake on a stick (a close second)


While walking around we got some reusable bags that we wore around our wrists like black strawberries



Once we were done eating we walked around in the surrounding area, downtown Seattle, and enjoyed the beautiful day. Sorry Montreal peeps but while you guys were melting in 40 degree humidity we were enjoying a sunny, mid twenty degree day by the water!
One really fun thing we saw was an interactive art exhibit. It was A half a house, they had built it so that the roof was easily accessible from the ground and you could walk all over it easily.


That’s Ryan on the chimney.

We continued on exploring.


Afterwards the four of us went to a theatre to finally see “The Heat”. As we have been told by our parents it was a hilarious movie that we all loved! In keeping with our food themed day the theatre ended up being like “Movie Tavern” from Texas. You come in and when you sit in the theatre there is a table and menus across from you, you order your meal, drinks or snacks and then eat while watching the movie! You can order before or durning the movie and then twenty minutes before the movie ends they come around so that you can pay and just leave at the end of the movie!

Wonderful day 🙂


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