In which Ryan takes his own pictures for the blog

Tonight Ryan and I had some really nice red salmon (bbqd by him) paired with some rice (brown rice, mushroom, kale, onion, made by me) for dinner. So of course I have to start off by showing our dinner off.


Later on I had my second screenwriting class! We learned about the ways that titles can impact people’s perceptions of your screenplay and in some cases prevent them from even reading it! The class is a discussion based one where the instructor gives us some information or asks a question and we go around the table discussing our thoughts and opinions. Not only did I learn about some technical mistakes I’ve been making in my writing but I also learned that no matter where you go, whether it be a West Island CEGEP, hippie university in Montreal or a big American university, they all have more chairs than they know what to do with cramming up the hallways.


Ryan came with me tonight so I wouldn’t have to drive alone. While I was in class he was exploring and taking pictures for the blog! He doesn’t want to write but I can’t take any credit for the following pics!


The irony of vandalizing a bridge to get the “Do Good Things” message across is not lost on me.





2 thoughts on “In which Ryan takes his own pictures for the blog

  1. What a beautiful school! I do like the graffiti though. It is a great message. The chairs are hilarious!!!

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