A Girl Day

Today while Ryan was at work I spent the day with Sydney, who luckily for both of us had the day off!

We started out the day by being crazy and leaving our places at 8am (yes, on a day off) for an intense yoga workout. After yoga we headed home to shower (don’t go near anyone whose done hot yoga until they’ve showered!) and headed off to lunch. 



My after picture, you’re not getting the before! 

For lunch we went to Georgio’s, a sandwich place right next to Ryan’s office. While we didn’t bring him any lunch (sorry Ryan!) we did enjoy the sandwiches! It’s similar to subway but without the over processed feel, the bread tastes a hundred times better and it was an all around excellent experience. I’m just glad I don’t have to work next to it because if I did I’d be there every day! 

After lunch we went over to Target for baggies and to browse. While we were especially interested in the yoga gear it wasn’t any better prices than the studio so we had to pass on it. We did, however, find ourselves reminiscing in the girl’s toy aisle. 



So much pink! So much trying to fit little girls into gender moulds! 

We spent a lot of time with Barbie and while we did make the normal observations on the negative impact that Barbie can (and does) have on young girls we also noticed how ugly she’s gotten! I know that’s completely ridiculous to say those two things in the same sentence but she’s really aged badly. 

But Barbie isn’t the only one whose changed! Remember these guys from when we (or I, sorry mom and dad!) were little?



Well this is what they look like now


Crazy isn’t it?

We also saw this super creepy doll. When you put the ice cream to her mouth she sticks out her tongue in a very disturbing way. 



Finally we saw this little cutie who I totally wanted to buy 



Who doesn’t love Cabbage Patch kids? (And how great they smell.)




One thought on “A Girl Day

  1. The toys are fun to look at, too bad they are so crazy. Old school toys are the way to go: ball and hoop! Looks like you had fun though, and the toys are cute. Love you!

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