Pilchuck Park

Today Ryan and I went on a hike. Not a nice morning hike like you would in Centennial Park but a real, climb up the whole time, through rocks, rough terrain and bugs kind of a hike. Ryan really wanted to do it, I think my face speaks for itself 



We left around 8:30 am (no, we don’t believe in sleeping on the weekends) drove for about an hour and then reached the park ranger area for our “map” and parking pass. 




Yes, that’s what they called a map. 

Then we drove some more into the mountain. After enduring about fifteen minutes of the most horrible roads, seriously Montreal has nothing on these ones, we got to our destination. Just before getting out of the car I checked out our wanna be map to make sure it didn’t have any emergency phone numbers we may have needed and found out that for our first ever real hike Ryan had chosen the most difficult climb available! Nonetheless we went for it. 




The hike was seriously challenging and whenever we saw the mountains I would wonder how the Von Trapps felt when escaping Austria. 



Exhausting, sweaty, very long yet exhilarating (after the fact) adventure! Good choice Ryan, I’m glad we did it 🙂



One thought on “Pilchuck Park

  1. That looks like it was a wonderful way to spend the day! Did you bring a picnic? That would be fun too.
    What beautiful scenery

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