The 29th

Today, the 29th of the month, marks the 3.2 anniversary for Ryan and I. The month by month anniversaries aren’t that big of a deal but I like to remember them as a little marker of another happy month spent with my man 🙂 



An old picture but one I haven’t circulated online yet. 

Today I needed a change of pace so I skipped yoga in favour of going to the gym with Ryan after he was done work. We were lucky and had the gym to ourselves, we kindly shared it with Judge Judy. 

During the day I got a ton of writing done (yay me) and am “this close” to being done draft one of what promises to be a super amazing script!! I also went back to the Everett Library to return some books, have a tea and get some writing done. 

The library is not only into getting children and teens to read but are trying to get adults to read too so they have an Adult Reading Challenge. You have from June 1st to August 31st to read seven books and you get prizes along the way. After the first book you get a little pot and some seeds (sunflower) third book you get a two for one coupon for the library coffee shop, fifth book gets you a key chain and the seventh gets you a library bag. I’m going for the bag! For a bookworm like myself this was a no brainer, why not get prizes for the books I’m going to read anyway? So far I’ve read: 

“Hedy’s Folly; The life and breakthrough inventions of Hedy Lamar” by Richard Rhodes. 

It was pretty boring. A non-fiction book about Lamar and a composer who invented the technology that makes GPS and stuff. Part of the book was amazing when the author was discussing how the composer, Antheil, lived in Paris and was in the same circle as the Joyce family but besides that I was happy when it was over. 😦 

“Consenting Adult” By Laura Z Hobson. 

Really great book written in the 70s about a teenage boy in the 60s and 70s who comes to terms with his sexuality. It was great to see how things changed between the 60s and 70s for gay people, how the book was breaking ground for the time, and then to compare it all with todays world. Sadly there hasn’t been as much change as was hoped. 

“Anthem” by Ayn Rand. 

I really don’t know why people don’t like Rand. I love her books, granted I’ve only read this one and “The Fountainhead” so far but I think she’s amazing. The book is super short, I read it in a few hours, but well worth the read. Rand presents us with a communist like society where knowledge is hidden, no one works as an individual instead only as a group within society. 

“The Rise of Enlightened Sexism” by Susan J Douglas. 

I already told you guys about this book in an earlier post. Excellent book! Read it! 

“The Overachievers” by Alexandra Robbins. 

Robbins is a journalist and her writing reflects that. The book is non fiction (what’s with me reading non fiction?) and about overachieving high school students and university freshmen and how that affects their lives. I loved parts and skimmed others. The parts that were great were the ones where she was following the students and giving us accounts on their lives, the rest was statistics and boring information about the education system that she could have written in a much better way. Oh well, still a good book!

“Reviving Ophelia” by Mary Pipher PhD

This was recommended to me in the book by Douglas and was thought provoking. Pipher shows the reader the difficulties that young women have due to the way that society portrays them and teaches both males and females to act. 

Now I’m half way through book number seven, “Joyland” by Stephen King. Like all King novels this one’s great so far! 

Well that’s it for the book reviews! 

After getting my keychain prize I perused the new fiction and ended up leaving with three new books, “Night Circus” “Austensibly Ordinary” and “Death of Kings”. Good thing I read while at the gym! (Unless Judge Judy is on of course) 



You can see my keychain! And yes, that pink thing is my retainer case! I didn’t spend five years in braces for my teeth to move back!



One thought on “The 29th

  1. You go girl! (ha ha, a throw-back to Girl Guides). You could read 3 times that amount of books before the deadline. Maybe you and Emma Jane should have a “read-off”, you know, like the good old days at Greendale.

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