The Boonies

Today I went to the boonies.

I have no idea where I was, all I know is it’s called Marysville and the GPS told me how to get there. The car had a broken speaker and instead of Ryan taking a day off work to get it fixed I took a day off yoga (again šŸ˜¦ but I went to the gym instead) and followed Pauline into the boonies.


That’s the parking lot of where I was. I was honestly shocked that I made it there without being lost! While on the highway I had a crazy moment, I never in a million years pictured myself driving to obscure places in another country and having no idea where I was going let alone where I was!

After the car was done (2 hours spent reading Stephen King) I went home, rushed to the gym for an hour and then went to pick up Ryan from work. We had plans to go to Amici Bistro tonight. It’s Ryan’s favourite Italian restaurant around here. While the food in Everett is not even comparable to that of Montreal this place is!


We got there for six and it was still happy hour so we were able to order an appetizer for half price and half the size! Win win!


Ryan loves the sauce for the calamari and says it reminds him of the sauce his Grandma would make so you know its good!

Ryan got what he always gets, a seafood cannelloni


And I branched out and got a lobster ravioli


We had great food and a really fun time at dinner tonight! And the car issues continue tomorrow when we have to get the windshield fixed after a rock crashed into it on the highway. A small rock but it made a big dent and its spreading šŸ˜¦ Lucky for us the company will actually come to you and do the work in your driveway! Yay!


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