Dinner and a Show

Yesterday Ryan and I went out with some friends for dinner and to a comedy show. 

We went to the Tap House again since they had never been and from our experience the food was exceptional. In an effort to be healthy Ryan and I decided to share our meal. We started out with jalapeño poppers which were pretty disappointing, we gave half of it away. 


And then we split a chicken club and a spicy goat cheese both of which did not disappoint.


After that we couldn’t resist getting dessert (there goes being healthy for the night!) Michael and Sydney got a crème brûlée and Dan got a volcano cake (my personal favourite and go-to of deserts) To Ryan’s surprise I chose an ice cream sandwich for us to split. Best part of the meal. The cookies were chocolate chip and the ice cream macadamia flavour, I could have eaten just that and been happy! 



After dinner we went to our comedy show, I use comedy loosely when talking about this show which was just a bunch of amateur actors doing improve games for an hour, it really wasn’t that funny except when they got a little boy up on stage to help them with the game and he wasn’t exactly cooperating!

What was fun about the show was the location, it was in a building that has the infamous gum wall as a wall!


The show was only 6$ and an hour long so it wasn’t that bad. After we went to find an Irish Pub where the guys had heard about a great Irish Coffee, when coffee was mentioned I couldn’t help myself and in the bar, on a Saturday night, had a great cup of tea 



Loved it! 

We spent the rest of the night on Dan’s roof top terrace enjoying the night. Then this morning Ryan and I got up and hit the gym :S 

It’s gearing up to be a pretty laid back Sunday which is just what we need after a long Saturday and especially what Ryan needs after a crazy week at work, getting up and leaving our place before six two days in a row! 


3 thoughts on “Dinner and a Show

  1. I think the ‘gum wall” is odd…different..icky…yet creatively interesting! Oh the things you can do with gum…imagine that!

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