Thank God for BC!

For those of you who have lived with me you know, I am so not a morning person. While living at home I have been known to slam a few cupboards because I’m angry that I’m awake and that people are talking to me. I don’t like conversation until I’m clean, dressed and fed and I definitely do not like loud radio. This is a little difficult for me in Seattle because if I want a car I have to leave early (ie before 7am early) to drive with Ryan to work. On said drive we listen to the radio, the one channel we had been able to find that wasn’t country. This channel makes me cringe. It’s two guys and a girl, completely misogynistic and very stupid. The girl does the nail polish remover commercials while the guys act like their in a bad frat movie. I hate them – a lot. Not only are the hosts obnoxious but I firmly believe that they only have three songs available to play, Blurred Lines, Same Love and White Walls (notice how two of these three songs are by Macklemore they obsess over him around here). Finally this morning we tried our luck again and what did we find?



We found a Canadian channel! Virgin Radio. Where they have more than three songs and hosts who have intelligent discussions and don’t sexually objectify each other! Suffice to say I was very happy this morning. 


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