Hike Take Two

This weekend was a weekend of seconds, after going to the burlesque show for a second time we woke up at 5:45am this morning to go on our second hike. 

This time we went with Dan and Josh and guess what?? We made it to the top!! 



We all drove together and got to the mountain and started hiking for 9am. Five hours later we had made it to the top and back down again! The hike was a lot better this time than the first time we went but it wasn’t as nice of a day. Today was super foggy and cool, which was nice since we weren’t in the sweltering heat while hiking but when we did arrive at the top we saw a whole lot of fog. But that didn’t bother me, the exciting thing was making it to the top! 

When we finally got down we drove our very sweaty and tired selves to the nearest Subway for lunch and then tried not to fall asleep as we dropped everyone off at home. 

The hike was amazing, the feeling of getting all the way to the summit was wonderful but taking a shower after it was all said and done was pretty fantastic too! 


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