Boeing Family Day

Today was Boeing Family Day! I have been looking forward to this day for weeks! When you take the Boeing Factory Tour (a must) you get to see the factory and how they build the planes but you don’t get up close and definitely cannot walk on the factory floor but today we could! It was amazing! Boeing had the whole plant (it’s massive) ready for family day and the thousands of people who came to tour around. 

It started at nine am and we got there for nine-thirty and it was already packed! Ryan and I walked through the plant, saw parts of the planes, the work stations and everything. Outside of the plant they had planes out so that we could walk up to them and stand next to them! We even saw the building where they plaint them! There were tons of things for children which was really nice since most people brought young children with them. 

They gave away insulated bags 



We got these with lunch but had to take the picture at home. It’s forbidden to take pictures at the factory so I left my phone at home. 

It’s an amazing feeling sitting on the pavement outside of the massive Boeing factory eating hot dogs and chips at 10:30 am on a beautiful day. 

I wish I could have more pictures for all of you but I guess you’ll have to come to Seattle for that! 


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