Today I organized my bookshelf. This is no easy feat. Taking all the books down and cleaning the shelf took me long enough in itself!



I couldn’t quite fit them all in but you get the idea! 

After dealing with a bookshelf organized haphazardly for around two months I decided it was time to go for it. So I took everything down, dusted the shelf then made a list of everything I own but have not read. Thankfully, I have read a large majority of the books but still came out with a list of over sixty books to read. Hopefully their good! 

After writing my list I set about organizing the books categorically. Left, top to bottom, comic books and bookmarks, fancy hardcovers, dictionaries and encyclopedia type books, non-fiction, graphic novels, large books and miscellaneous. Right, top to bottom, old childhood books, smart books, smart books again, modern books, modern books again, contemporary books, large books and photo albums. 

This was my end result. 



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