Happy Birthday Dan!

Today was Dan’s birthday! 

To celebrate we all went to The Melting Pot, an amazing fondu place downtown. You can get a four course meal with meat, cheese and dessert fondu plus a salad but we decided to split cheese fondu and dessert fondu among the seven of us.

We started with three pots of cheese, two “fiesta” mixes that where a cheddar cheese with salsa and spice and one white cheese with artichoke. You get unlimited bread, veggies and green apples (surprisingly green apples are amazing in cheese fondu) and we ordered some extra meats (cold cuts and sausage) to go with it. 

For dessert we had three different chocolate fondus. A Smores one that consists of milk chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker that they set on fire! A Ying and Yang one that is a mix of dark and white chocolate and a traditional that is milk chocolate with peanut butter. To dip in these we got an assortment of cheesecake, marshmallows, strawberries, pound cake, brownie and rice crispies (all mini) and they were phenomenal. 



As a surprise we made Dan a birthday cake! It was vanilla fun fettie but the cake bottom broke while taking it out of the pan so we put Oreos on the bottom and delicious candies on the top! The surprise was definitely a success as was the rest of the evening!  



Happy Birthday Dan! 


One thought on “Happy Birthday Dan!

  1. Fondu looks and sounds amazing. Glad you had a nice evening and surprised Dan! Ummm… Question… Are those penis’ all over his birthday cake???? Lol

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