Alyssa and Ben Take Seattle (Part 3)

On Saturday we again got up early but this time headed downtown for breakfast with plans of eating at Seatown. Unfortunately the whole block were they are located had water damage and we weren’t able to get their to die for crab breakfast sandwiches so had to settle on another breakfast place. It turned out to be pretty delicious anyway! Ryan got an omelette, I went for crab eggs benedict and Ben and Alyssa had eggs and sausage / bacon. 



After breakfast we headed to a Seattle tourist must, the First Starbucks! Of course the line was insane but we made it through! 



After Starbucks we went through Pikes Market which never fails to amaze! There is such a huge variety of amazing vendors! Alyssa and I made some excellent purchases at The Fay Farm, they make all natural moisturizers and lip balms. They ship all over the world. 

Unfortunately it’s a little hard to take pictures in the market since there are so many people I’d end up with loads of pictures of other people! 



After the market we went to the gum wall! 



After the gum wall we walked a lot more, then went to University of Washington and got some great pictures. 



After this we were all about to drop so headed back to the apartment for a few hours before we needed to be out for dinner and The Underground Tour. Unfortunately Alyssa wasn’t feeling well 😦 so we had to go on without her. We started out at Olive Garden for a cost effective meal, they were having an unlimited salad, bread and pasta meal for 10$ You could literally re order any pasta and sauce offered in the special (about 6 options for each) as many times and different ways as you wanted. You could also ask for a brand new meal to go! So we did that for Alyssa and brought her some back before going to the Underground Tour. 

The Underground Tour we chose was one about the Underworld of Seattle aka the prostitution history. We thought it sounded super interesting but in reality it fell short of our expectations. The tour was an hour and a bit and lasted about an hour too long. We pretty much stared at old walls listening to the tour guide drone on. But we had fun together anyway. And after it was done went home and passed out! 



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