Ben and Alyssa Take Seattle (Part 2)

On Friday we got up early, had breakfast and made our way to the Boeing Factory Tour! Unfortunately there are no pictures allowed on the tour but we saw some pretty amazing things! Ben and Alyssa had a great time learning about the planes and seeing them up close. 

After the tour we headed down to Paseo for lunch. Paseo is this amazing Caribbean restaurant. It’s really small and always has a HUGE line to the point that they close at 5 because they always sell out of food! If you’re really, really lucky you get a table otherwise you sit on the sidewalk. Our first time Ryan and I sat on the sidewalk but this time we got lucky and got one of the few tables to enjoy our sandwiches on. 



This beautiful sandwich is made of pork shoulder, caramelized onion, jalapenos, lettuce and aioli and cilantro. We all managed to more or less finish our meals! Worth the trip for anyone in the area.

After Paseo we went to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island! It was the perfect way to spend the rest of the day! We waited for about an hour until the ferry came (it was a busy day) and after a beautiful 45 minute trip arrived on the Island. 



We walked around and checked out the local stores for a while and then took a little drive to get to the beach, aka the tough kids beach since there is mostly rocks instead of sand! It was so nice to see Ben and Ryan bonding there (and the whole trip) I guess years without having a brother really catches up to you and they were definitely making up for lost time! 



After the beach we went for dinner. The place we went to has the best clam chowder (funnily enough we didn’t get it) but they also have real Montreal Poutine! The owners actually went to Montreal to learn to make and perfect poutine, you’d never guess it was from the States! We walked around a little before heading back to the ferry. 




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