Ben and Alyssa Take Seattle (Part 4)

Today was Ben and Alyssa’s last full day in Seattle 😦 

We were all exhausted so slept in a little this morning and then went to IHop for breakfast where we learned the truth behind the joke “IHop because I lost my leg to diabetes.” 

Alyssa and I really wanted to try a true IHop creation, she went for eggs, hash brown, sausage and red velvet pancakes. I got the same but went for the cina-stack (buttermilk pancakes with what was essentially cinnamon icing) and while they were delicious they were also like eating cake for breakfast! Ryan got buttermilk pancakes with eggs (boring!) and Ben tried the steak (if you want to call it that) and eggs. 


One really nice thing about IHop is the coffee / tea servings. You literally get a whole pot to yourself! The coffee has a lot more of it than the tea, I got two cups, but who really needs more than two cups at breakfast anyway! 

For the rest of the day we took it easy, we were all in need of it! We walked around the mall, found a baseball glove for Ryan and then came back to our place to chill. Alyssa fell asleep, Ben played God of War, I read reddited and Ryan chilled on his computer. 

It was so amazing having them here for four days and will really suck tomorrow bringing them to the airport (especially since its such an early morning!) but we had a wonderful time together!! 



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