Happy Friday!

Last night I got an email that a book I put on hold at the library was in, a historical account on Jesus that ended up in the news because of this crazy interview 


After watching this interview I just had to read the book, it’s sitting on my desk waiting for me to finish my latest Ayn Rand novel and get started on this one! 



We’re seeing some friends this weekend for a BBQ and are all bringing food, Ryan and I decided to make the crowd pleaser, and incredibly easy, Slutty Brownies! Here they are mid-way 



I love bringing Slutty Brownies to events because their so easy and always impress people! You literally cover the bottom of a pan with cookie dough, add a layer of Oreos and then pour brownie mix all over it. The best part? You use the box stuff for everything so it takes about five minutes to put together, but over an hour to cook since its so thick. Best desert for the baking impaired, while Ryan and I have become pretty good cooks I haven’t worked on my baking, at all.  


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