Labour Day Challenge

Every year for the past eight years my family does the much anticipated Labour Day Challenge. My dad’s the mastermind behind this family tradition. It started when we were up north at our old cottage for Labour Day weekend and it was freezing but we all wanted to go swimming at the lake anyway. He said that the first one to swim to the dock and back wins the Labour Day Challenge, ran past all of us into the water and won, thus the Labour Day Challenge was born. 
He later found an old trophy cup and got it engraved so every year we write the date, the challenge and the winner and keep all the papers in the cup. It’s one of our favourite family traditions 🙂 

Every year my Dad makes up a new challenge, one that involves water and that everyone would have an equal chance of winning at. This year it was a kind of Russian Roulette with shot glasses of water, we each took turns blind folding ourselves and choosing which shot glass, left or right, has the water in. If you guess the one with water it goes on your head, if not you’re safe for the next round. Ryan and I went out on our porch to play via skype while the rest of the family sat at the table outside. So far everyone but Olivia and I had won the challenge so we were both  hoping to win and in the end it turned out both of us were semi-finalists! In the end I won!! So exciting to have FINALLY won a Labour Day Challenge! Next year it’s Olivia’s!! 



It’s little things like this that make me realize that I really have an exceptionally wonderful family 🙂 


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