Patty’s Eggnest

This morning Ryan and I went out for breakfast!! I had been really wanting to go out for breakfast and Sunday is the perfect day! We went to Patty’s Eggnest. It’s by no means a fancy, out of this world delicious restaurant, it’s more of a cozy, simple and cheap place to go. That’s exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I got! 





Everything about the restaurant was cozy, I felt like we were up north! 

It’s football season now and since games are going on today the place was decked out for the occasion. Not only was the restaurant decorated but at least half the people we saw come in were in football jerseys or t-shirts. 





Ryan had a coffee in this awesome mug 



and I had tea. Unfortunately they don’t give you the brown mugs for tea!



They do give you a huge selection and a cup and pot of hot water which was nice



Ryan and I ordered the same thing, the pancakes combo. Two pancakes, two eggs and two sausage links or pieces of bacon (we went for sausage). Turns out we could have saved ourselves some money and split breakfast because when they said the pancakes were big they weren’t kidding! You could say they downplayed the size a little in the menu… 



They were one-hundred percent from a box but we knew what we were in for and with a little syrup or some of the homemade jam (for some reason they have homemade jam but box pancakes!) they were pretty tasty! 

We left with a lot of the pancakes still on the plate but as very happy campers! Perfect start to a Sunday! 🙂 


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