Last night Ryan and I had date night, we went to see Lee Daniels’ The Butler. It was a phenomenal movie dealing with a black man who started out his life working on the plantations and worked his way up to being a butler for the White House.

Throughout the course of the movie the butler, Cecil, goes from working in a plantation to working in the white house. He also lives through the civil rights movement. Cecil sees his father get shot in the cotton fields as a young boy, after which an elderly lady of the house takes him in and teaches him how to be a house servant. When he’s older, Cecil leaves the house and goes into another town, there he works at a hotel until one day he gets a job in the big city at a large and fancy hotel. There Cecil excels. He is well trained and loves his job and the men he works for love him. One night he unknowingly impressed a man working for the white house and thus he was called in for an interview and began working as a butler at the white house. He worked through multiple presidents and became a favourite staff member. While all this is going on his son is getting involved with the civil rights movement. This is something Cecil does not understand as he has always worked to provide for his family and keep them out of poverty, he has always been paid by white men and it takes him years to really understand what his son was doing.

The movie is phenomenal. It sucks you in and gets to you. Some parts are happy to watch while others are excruciating. While The Butler is not 100% a true story it is based off an article written about a man named Eugene Allen who served in the White House for over thirty years.

It’s a movie that you won’t regret seeing!

Today Ryan and I had a pretty mellow Saturday. It started out with me going to the gym and Ryan getting Habs tickets for a game in Vancouver in October. He’s going to go for the day with three other guys two of whom are actual Montrealers and Habs fans. We had lunch, leftover tuna and mushroom-zuchinni quinoa, and then went grocery shopping.

We were true Seattlits and made a coffee run at Tullys on the way there. I personally like them better than Starbucks, better tea, amazing milkshake/frappees and McDreamy owns it! What could be better?


As you can see Seattle grocery carts come equipped with coffee holders!

After groceries we went back home to unpack and then Ryan got ready to start softball. He joined a league for fun around here, it’s only six weeks but he likes it a lot so far!


I know you can’t see much in the picture but it was sunny and I couldn’t see properly while taking it!


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