Guess What?!

You know what happened today? I’ll tell you, but first let me get my obligatory picture of the day out of the way. 



Ryan and I are making baked french toast, this is it pre-baking. Looks kinda weird because of the clumps of butter but we’ll see how it turns out and you’ll see tomorrow! 

Now for the really exciting part…

Ryan went to hot yoga with me!! 🙂 🙂 

I found a mat on sale (50% off) and he signed up for the 10 for 10 special (ten classes 10$) and we went to a Hatha class. 

The studio offers: 


Yin is the easiest class, relaxing and mediative. Then comes hatha which is a lot of stretching and balancing along with a little cardio. Power is the cardio class and is pretty difficult and then comes sculpt, yoga with aerobics with weights in 40 a degree room. 

Ryan actually did really well for a first class!! Can’t wait for the second one! 


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