Daily Pictures are Hard!

Let me just start this blog post out by saying it’s hard posting a picture every day! Really hard! Inevitably there are days where I have nothing new to take pictures of so I take pictures of food, hence the many, many meal pictures I have up on here. Then there are days when even our meals are boring, on these days, such as today, I just take a picture of what I’m doing. Today, I’ve been working to put together draft 2 of my screenplay. I think many people have a romantic notion of what it’s like to be a writer, even I do! You want it to be like Carrie Bradshaw but it’s (sadly) not. For example, this is what many people think writing looks like (I wish it did)


Instead it looks like this


With me in sweat pants and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt sitting behind the computer trying to concentrate for hours on end and getting hyped up on caffeine.

You may have noticed the book on the table, it’s Margaret Atwood’s classic, The Handmaid’s Tale. After reading MaddAddam I was in the mood for more Atwood and got this one, one of her best known novels, from the library. Loving it so far. Not sure why more people don’t love her.


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