Today’s Monday and that means Thursday is that much closer and Thursday is the day my parents come visit! Can’t wait 🙂 

While Thursday is bound to be a great day today is a pretty normal one so far, getting some writing done, making mushroom/zucchini quinoa tonight and hitting up the yoga studio again 🙂 

I’ve already shared those things with you guys so thought that today I’d show some of my favourite cups! Ones I only use on occasion so as to save them. 



I have an affinity for to-go coffee cups but would never buy packages from the grocery store or anything. Instead, I love having a Starbucks or Tim Hortons in a to-go cup and when I don’t do that but still feel like using one I reach for one of the cups my dad brings me home from work! Tea always tastes great in these guys 🙂 


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