My Parents Finally Make it to Seattle! :)

Today my parents finally came to Seattle to visit Ryan and I! 🙂 We’ve been looking forward to this for ages so were super excited when they got in! They had an early morning flight so this morning I woke up to a picture of my mom that my dad had sent me. Needless to say I was very impressed at how great she looks especially considering how early they were up and at the airport! (My mom’s always beautiful but come on!) 



Ryan and I got to the airport super early, we learned our lesson from when Alyssa and Ben were in. The stress of driving in intense traffic when your picking someone up is way worse than having an hour and a half to kill in a super sketch McDonalds. But finally it was time and we went to the airport to pick them up! 



We brought my parents (who for some reason we haven’t taken a photo with yet) back to the hotel so they could drop their stuff off before coming to our place and then go to dinner. We got super lucky and got some loot upon their arrival! They brought Ryan his baseball glove in from Montreal and my dad got me a book and some David’s tea that I’ve been dying to try 



I also was reunited with my glasses, finally I feel like I belong in Seattle 



For dinner we hit up our traditional welcome to Seattle joint … Ivars! 

The food was excellent as always. My dad, Ryan and I started with their classic clam chowder and then my dad ordered a dish called “Taste of the Northwest” that had three different fish/seafood samples on it, Ryan and my mom had a salmon with peaches and I had a halibut with crab crust and mashed potatoes with this amazing spinach. 




After we split desserts, Ryan and I had carrot cake which was in a word phenomenal and my parents shared a pear tart. There was also some tea involved, you guys know me by now! I’m addicted! 



We had a super exciting and happy evening and I can’t wait to get the day started tomorrow! 🙂 



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