A Day Downtown Seattle

Yesterday my parents, Ryan and I spent the day downtown. It was an amazing day! 🙂 

We started out at Seatown, a wonderful breakfast place that my dad found while preparing for me to go to Seattle on this episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover”. 

So for quite a few months he has been craving, and rightfully so, this crab and egg breakfast sandwich that they have which you have to pair with a bloody mary. 




Aside from the breakfast sandwich, Ryan, my dad and I all ordered it, my mom had an egg with biscuit and bacon and we also had tea and coffee and shared one of their massive hasbrowns.


After breakfast we walked around the water and of course had to take my parents to see the first Starbucks! 



Turns out the Pike Market doesn’t open until about 11am (a little late!) we had some time to kill so after Starbucks and the water we headed down to the Gum Wall! Ryan picked up a pack of gum for us to stick on the wall and we were all set 🙂 


After the Gum Wall it was time for the big one, Pike’s Place Market!! 


Somehow on the way there we deviated from the path, the one that I was trying to keep everyone on, and wound up in this fantastic tea shop! I got THE BEST mug ever, I kid you not, I’m using at as I type right this moment and it is phenomenal. 



We also saw this art installation on the way 


 Then we went through the market, my mom and dad loved it! 

After that we went for lunch at an asian restaurant called “Wild Ginger” it was recommended to my dad and we were blown away. We shared some rice, pad thai, kung pow chicken, baby bock choy and duck that came with little rice buns and sauce so you made it into a sandwich, unfortunately that is the only dish I didn’t get a picture of and it was arguably one of the best ones on the table! 



After lunch Ryan left for a few hours to play his softball game and I had some time alone with my parents. We started out by my mom and I getting manicures 🙂 We went for shellac, she’s never done it before and we thought why not? They turned out beautifully and we each went for a pretty pink 



After manicures we went to see the Chihuly Glass Exhibit. LOVED IT! There’s one in Montreal right now so you should all go, or come to Seattle and see it since we have the bigger and more complete one. There will be a separate post on that since I have so many pictures but here’s one to get started! 



After the glass museum we walked, and walked and walked until we finally got to the pier. There we met back up with Ryan, had a drink and hung out for a little while before going to the Crab Pot for dinner. Ryan and I have never waited more than ten minutes there but yesterday we waited almost an hour! There was a ginormous line but we waited it out and were really happy we did! Ryan, my dad and I had the Alaskan and my mom went for a salmon dish. 



Before …






Somehow we managed to split a dessert between the four of us 



And then went for a ride on the ferris wheel to complete the day!



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