What a Day Fred!

Today was a super amazing and crazy busy day! By the end of it the four of us were more than ready for bed! We started with a relaxing morning and only went to pick my parents up around ten am to bring them to see Capitol Hill. We love that area and so did they! We started off in the most Seattle way possible by getting a coffee



Vivace has truly amazing coffee, nothing like Starbucks so I just had to take them there! After that we walked to my favourite Seattle bookstore, Twice Sold Tales. Since finding this place early on in the summer I have been dying to take my dad there! One thing we love doing together is going to used bookstores so I was soooo happy to go there with him and my mom.



As we usually do we bought a ton of books! I got four titles, The Violated by Vance Bourjaily, Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut, The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I cannot wait to get into these books! After the bookstore we walked up the street, checked out the stores and hunted for some books on Zentangles, a meditative type of drawing, before going for lunch. We ate at Blue Moon Burgers. The burgers are huge, the onion rings out of this world and we all loved lunch! Ryan, my dad and I all had the Bayou burger, a hamburger with blue cheese, and my mom went for a bacon cheeseburger. Then we shared an order of fries and one of the best onion rings you have ever tasted.



On our way back to the car we passed the Sunday Farmer’s Market and my dad FINALLY got some local peaches! Since yesterday when we saw some at Pike’s he’s been craving them and today was the day!


After that we went out for some shopping. Ikea, Barnes and Nobles and JC Penny, before we went to do some more eating! This trip sounds more like a food tour than anything!

We went to the Walrus and the Carpenter, an out of this world oyster bar. You order dishes to share amongst the table. We had oysters, steak tartar (even my mom tried it!) meatballs, bread, clams and much more! They don’t take reservations so what you do is go in and give your name and number then when your table is ready they give you a call and you show up. We waited about an hour at a bar next door. I don’t remember the name but it was really cool. They are a cafe that serves pastries, wine, beer and teas and coffee etc. They used to be a bike shop / cafe but grew to be so large that they had to split up! Now the bike shop is across the street but the cafe still has a bike theme going on.


After drinks we went to the Walrus and the Carpenter, ate a ton and had a really wonderful night!




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