When my parents came to visit my mom introduced me to something called “Zentangles”. Zentangles are a meditative form of drawing. You start with a square of paper, 3 1/2 inches all around, and a black pen. Then you make a dot on each corner of the paper 


Next you connect each corner and turn it into any shape you like 



Divide the shape into five sections 



And fill each section with a different design 



You should take your time, relax and enjoy what you’re doing. You should end up with something like this


There a tons of books on zentangles and you can even take classes or just do a Google search and get all the info you need that way ! 


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  1. Your Zentangle design is beautiful. It’s funny….I have never heard of Zentangles, yet have I have been doing these designs for years and years(I call it doodling…but they are they seem to be the same as what you have explained!!)…. I find it mega big time relaxing! Missing you guys! xo Glad to see you had a lovely time with your parents Sarah!

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