Last Day of Vacation

Today was my parents last day in Seattle 😦 We had a super amazing time with them and I’ll definitely miss having them around! 

Today we met up after breakfast and went to the outlet malls to do some shopping. My mom was really happy to go there since there are some great stores like Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Coach! 


After shopping Ryan and I took them out for lunch at our favourite pizza place in Everett, Major League Pizza. We had all dressed pizza and garlic breadsticks. 


Then some (not so good) mini cupcakes for dessert from a place next door to the pizza. (A waste of calories 😦  


Then we took them to see the Everett public library which is definitely worth the trip! Then, in keeping with the food theme of the trip, we went to Central Market to do some grocery shopping! 


Ryan and I did our regular groceries but we also made a special dinner tonight so picked up some things for that! 

The afternoon / evening was really nice because we hung out at our place, relaxed and Ryan and I cooked dinner. We had chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with sausage with a Flagship macaroni with crispy mushrooms and some white wine. 



Then for dinner we had tea with Washington peaches and lemon pound cake and whipped cream 



After desert we played Cards against Humanity for a while. It was so much fun! The surprise champion of the game was my dad winning with 15 points, then Ryan with 12 followed by me at 8 then my mom at 6 points. We were all cracking up at the game but I have to say I was surprised to see how good my dad was at it! With my moms sense of humour I was sure she would be the winner! 



We were so sad to have to drop them off at the airport hotel tonight but had such an amazing and memorable time with them! I was so happy to be with my three favourite people all together for a while! I have to say, my parents are the most wonderful, fun, generous and loving people I know – I lucked out! Love you guys! 🙂 


One thought on “Last Day of Vacation

  1. We had the most amazing time with you guys! You are both wonderful kids and we loved every minute of our stay. You could be official Seattle tour guides. WE lucked out! Love you

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