Last night Ryan went to play poker with some friends so I stayed home, watched a weird movie called This Must be the Place. It stars Sean Penn playing Cheyenne, who is a retired rock star who still dresses like he’s straight out of kiss, is battling some emotional issues and then finds out that his father, who he hasn’t spoken to in thirty years, has died of old age. When he leaves Ireland and goes back home to the States for the funeral he finds out that his father has spent the majority of his life searching for a Nazi war criminal who humiliated him at Auschwitz. Cheyenne then travels across the country looking for the Nazi and finding himself in the process. It was a weird movie but a good one nonetheless, I’m glad I watched it but its not the type of movie that I’d be compelled to see more than once.

After dinner and the movie I went to the gym. Sometimes I like to read while I’m working out so I brought my book (Jailbird by Vonnegut) with me, wore black lululemon capris and a pink workout shirt. I got to the gym and on the elliptical next to the one I always use was a short, fat middle aged woman wearing black shorts, a pink shirt and reading on her Ipad while working out. I almost started laughing once I walked in!

Yesterday was pouring rain most of the day but at one point last night the sun came out for a while and it was actually really pretty. I tried taking a picture, its mostly the sun in my eyes but here it is!


This morning I went to Starbucks to work while Ryan diligently watched football and tracked his fantasy scores. Turns out our neighbours are kicking their child out…


I got quite a bit of work done this morning 🙂 and started reading Tiknor. It’s not terrible but I’m glad its only 118 pages!


I got home, we had lunch and Ryan continued to watch football, after all he has to get as much in before going to play tonight! It was really funny because around 950 this morning he was disappointed because there was “only one game on”. At 1 when it finished he changed the channel and started watching his second game of the day. This confused me so I asked him, “I thought there was only one game today.” Turns out there was only one game going on during those three hours and Ryan was having a hard time coming to terms with that!


It’s hard only having one football game to watch at a time…


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