Speaking of Reading…

After taking today’s picture of the day I realized that Ryan is right, I do read quite a bit, but that’s OK even a really great thing since being a writer there are three things that are important to do; write (obvs) read and observe/think, so I think I’ve got this down! 

While my parents were here my dad said that I should be reading the local newspapers and after thinking about it I decided that he was absolutely right! There are two free ones that comes out weekly and are available all over the place, “The Stranger” and “Seattle Weekly”. 



I started reading them this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. They are a bit alternative so it was like reading Concordia’s school paper “The Link” – which I love, they talk about everything from art shows, music, books to restaurants, politics and local opinions. Not only are they interesting but when reading the newspaper you can come across little tidbits of inspiration. I definitely have!

Speaking of reading…

I just finished a book that I adored and am pretty sure three regular readers here (ie Mom, Dina, Franceen) would like if they haven’t already read it.


(Mom, note the zentangles!)

I picked this up on my way out of the library this weekend, I was taking enough smart books out already that I thought, why not add another classic? (haha) And I’m glad I did! It is a beautifully written book that touches you and makes you feel a part of it.

Speaking of reading…

I have decided to get into the British mindset and finally read this beauty that my dad gave me last year


(Dad note the moleskine!) 

I should start a book club, the world would be happier for it! 🙂  


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