C’est le But!

Happy Habs everybody! 

As you’ve all seen Ryan went to work ready for the game! 



Unfortunately his enthusiasm didn’t help them win. 

For the first game of the season Ryan and I went out to Boston Pizza with a few of his friends from work and Sydney and Michael. Ryan being the ultimate habs fan I wanted to do something for him to celebrate the first day of the habs so I made this for us to bring for everybody tonight


The inside is red but it’s funny that the top colours are Toronto colours since they were playing against the habs!

Ryan and one of his colleagues are both HUGE hockey fans but Ryan goes for Montreal and the other guy for Toronto…dum dum dum… 

I got super dressed up for the game and waited in the lobby for Ryan to get out of work. I had on a hat, t-shirt and jersey and had a habs cake with me. One of Ryan’s colleagues was leaving the office and passed me, he stopped and said “I guess you’re waiting for Ryan” 



We were on our way to the game when I looked at Ryan, red jersey, thick black glasses; looked at myself, red jersey, thick black glasses in the glove compartment … 



Twinning! (Although by the time of the picture I’m just wearing the t-shirt) 

It was so much fun to to be with a few other Canadians (a Montrealer and Torontonian) and watch hockey, who would have thought I would say that?? 



The Habs may have lost but we have faith in them, 81 games to the playoffs and not more than 109 until they win the cup! 

Go Habs Go! 

(Sorry Dad, seeing as you’re not a fan anymore this blog must have bored you…) 


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