A Tea-riffic Day in Seattle

Today Ryan and I had quite a busy day! We started out with the North West Tea Festival 


It turned out to be a great festival and we had a really fun time! They had lectures, workshops and tastings, for the tastings there were ones you had to sign up for where they would discuss the teas in more detail and then the ones that were done by the various vendors. Upon paying for entry we got a bag with a program and a tasting cup. We used those tasting cups almost the whole time we were there! 

Ryan and I visited every vendor and booth that was set up at the festival and it was great! We tried some amazing teas that we never would have tried otherwise, had a few treats and learned a bit about various teas. We also sat in on part of a lecture on the tea trade. 



Our tasting cups 



Amazing Earl Grey we bought (over 50% off) and the free cinnamon tea that came with it! 



Some amazing dessert flavoured teas 

After the festival we walked around for a while and then had lunch at a French bistro type place. We loved it! I had a brioche and Ryan got a croque madame (croque monsieur with an egg on top) along with a side of fries and mimosa 



After lunch we saw Rush, aka a phenomenal movie. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! Then we walked around some more, grabbed some thai food for dinner and I sat and froze while Ryan played football 



All in all we had a tea-riffic day as they say at the festival 🙂 


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