Half Priced Books

Here in Washington they have this great bookstore called Half Price Books, I think their completely genius! They sell new and used books. You’ll find used books at your typical used bookstore prices but then they also sell new releases for half price! Sometimes, when it’s a really popular new book or something, they will sell it for 20% off instead of half price but it’s still a great place and definitely somewhere you should go before you hit up Barnes and Nobles.

Since watching “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix I’ve been dying to read the book. It’s, as you probably know, a memoir written by Piper Kerman about her year and a bit in a women’s prison.


20% off! Holla!

This year I’ve been keeping a book journal tracking details about each book I read, or abandon, for the whole year. Pretty much the dates I read it, title, author, publication details etc. In an effort to stay well read outside of school I also made up a list of twelve classics, one per month. October was “This Side of Paradise.”


I hated Gatsby but adored this one, who would have thought!

November is “Ulysses”, check out that beautiful copy my dad gave me.


And then December is “Anna Karenina”


Anyway, this brings me to the point of my post, Half Price Books! Yesterday Ryan had a late meeting so I went to bring him a surprise snack and cinnamon tea then on my way home stopped off to check out Half Price Books. I was thrilled to find “Orange is the New Black” and then picked up a five dollar copy of “Anna Karenina”. I really needed a easy to carry, paperback copy of it since it’s coming up on the list for December so I’ll be reading on the plane (not looking forward to December!) and upon finding a great copy that will be conducive to reading while traveling I was super excited.


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