Pottery Date Night

It’s already Friday and that means date night! Tonight was my turn to chose since last week we went to watch a Silver Tips game, Ryan planned it, and I decided that we should go paint pottery! But first lets go back to the beginning of the day…

Today being Friday Ryan went into work a little later than normal but I had plans to go to yoga for the 930 sculpt class so didn’t want to leave to drop him off too late so I could make it in time, you have to get to the early classes about a half hour early. I ended up waking Ryan up about three minutes early and let me tell you that was the mistake of the day! Ryan rued the fact that I took those extra three minutes of sleep away from him all day, I pretty much ruined his friday and thus the weekend!

Sculpt was awesome, I’m getting really great at yoga and have started using heavier weights for sculpt than normal!


After yoga I got home, showered and everything and then got a text from Ryan to go out for lunch together so we went to Georgios for the best subs ever, even their bread is a million times better than Subway! After our lunch date Ryan went to a meeting and I continued on my day.

Last night after hearing about Alice Munor winning the Nobel Prize for Literature (read all about her http://www.randomhouse.ca/hazlitt/blog/all-things-alice-munro-also-alice-munro) I wanted to read something by her, it’s not every day a Canadian woman writer wins the Nobel prize! So I went to Half Priced books and found a volume of her stories (along with some Roth and Kafka – I take after my dad and can’t seem to leave a used bookstore without something!) and while I was there I realized that I could sell back Orange is the New Black! I posted about it a little while ago, sadly while the show is smart, funny and captivating the book was a bore. Dry, boring and about as captivating as a high schoolers paper. So today after lunch I took that book along with about nine others I had on my shelf that I either couldn’t stand (Queen Victoria Zombie Hunter) or chick lit (Chasing Harry Winston) and made five bucks off a handful of books that were clogging up my shelf! Success!

After that I had to return a bunch of books at the library and check out the thrift store for sugar and flour containers for Ryan and I. I found two tupperware containers for 2$ each along with two really cute teacups at .50 cents apiece!


Making tea for them as I type!

Once Ryan was done work we went straight to paint pottery because he has to do some overtime and work from home for a few hours tonight. Painting pottery is one of our favourite activities to do together, we don’t do it often because it gets expensive, but it’s always super fun and Ryan is always super meticulous.

We went to this place


and they were amazing! The lady who works there was wonderful, explained everything thoroughly to us, there was a huge variety of colours as well as texturized paints and loads of reasonably priced pieces to paint. You didn’t have to spend forty dollars to do something other than a kitten.


We went with dinner plates


I began with a pale pink base and Ryan went for sparkly blue


For the bottom of mine I did sparkly dark pink, Ryan chose sparkly white


Just look at all that colour palate!


Ryan did some orange circles


and I did flowers



When he was finished Ryan did a spray of orange to complete his masterpiece


and I added some dots and leaves


all in all we were very proud of our handiwork!

After pottery we came home, ordered pizza and watched a little bit of Legally Blonde. Now Ryan’s off on his computer, getting his work done, and I’m just here, being like Kayne West, you know, a creative genius.


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