Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's

Today I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time. It is an amazing store, I actually gasped when I went in. I browsed around, checked out some of the awesome things they have. They have a lot of novelty type groceries. I was there for the Pumpkin Body Butter that I read about. It’s only 4$ a jar so I figured why not! I just finished my old lotion anyway. It’s made with coconut oil, Shea butter and pumpkin seed oil. While it does moisturize really well it actually smells like pumpkin, not too strong but still a little too much. I thought it would be more of a holiday, pumpkin spice type smell, not literally pumpkin. Great moisturizer thou!


One thought on “Trader Joe’s

  1. Too bad there was no tester or scratch and smell spot, sounds like you had fun and have a great
    product despite the slight pumpkin smell.

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