Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse

Last night Ryan and I went to Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse 



It was phenomenal. Amazing salad bar, with way more than just salad, great cheesy bread for the table, wonderful sangria and of course the meats they bring to the table were out of this world. 

At a Brazilian Steakhouse you get little circles, one side is red and the other green. When you put it at green the meat servers come around with selections of pit roasted meats for you to try. When you’re too full or want to focus on what you’re eating you put it on red and they leave you alone. Personally, I found that while everything was great the steaks were the best.


After dinner we went to see Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. The movie was packed since it was opening night so we ended up in the second row but it didn’t matter, the film was hilarious!! 

Also, in the lobby there was some Chihuly art. Had to get a picture of it for my mom! 



2 thoughts on “Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse

  1. Sounds like you both had a great evening; and as Billy Crystal would say: ” you look mahvelous” (please excuse the spelling,
    but really, you both look great! Nice photos

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