Our Day in Bellevue or Fatty Saturday

Yesterday Ryan and I had a really great day. We had worked really hard all week so decided we could be more relaxed about our meals and to just have fun. 

As usual my day started out with some yoga, gotta finish the challenge! And Ryan hit up the gym 



We’re babysitting a friends cat who just loves to sit on my sweat yoga mat! 

After we were done our respective workouts we went to a Chinese buffet close to us that Ryan has been wanting to try. 



It was MASSIVE! The amount and variety of food was overwhelming! The restaurant itself was large enough to be a hall instead of a Chinese buffet and they had over six buffet sections of food. It was exactly what you would expect from a Chinese buffet, nothing spectacular but just what we wanted. 

After lunch we drove to Bellevue for some Christmas shopping and to walk around the ginormous mall. 



While we were driving I realized that TD is following me … 



Not good! 

The mall was wonderful! 



We went to a car store called Tesla where they actually have a car on the floor for you to look at and play with as well as the chassis (aka the bottom part of the car where the engine lives) 



We got to design our own car and order it (Ryan wishes we ordered it!) and the Tesla itself actually has a huge touchscreen inside it, bigger than an Ipad! 

Speaking of Ipad… the mall had a massive Apple store 


Once we were done with the mall we decided to see a movie and went to “About Time” aka a beautiful tear jerker of a movie that we both loved! I was ready to watch it a second time right after it finished! 

The movie theatre had a gelato stand so we had some of the best gelato ever! In a small they will put up to three flavours so I got triple vanilla and salted caramel while Ryan got triple vanilla, salted caramel and apple spice.


Then we chilled


And cried a bit during the movie but loved it so much anyway!

After the movie we used our Blue Moon gift certificate from my parents and picked up some dinner, a really late 8:30 pm dinner, and ate it while watching the all time best show ever (You have to watch it Sergio!) FRINGE!




I was wondering why our food was taking so long.   



I had a hamburger with blue cheese, Ryan had a chicken burger with bacon and we split the world’s best onion rings and some pretty amazing sweet potato fries while enjoying our time with Walter and Agent Dunham and vowing that Sunday will be a no longer fatty Sunday! 


3 thoughts on “Our Day in Bellevue or Fatty Saturday

  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing day. The TESLA car is all electric and I am starting to see more of them in Montreal. I hope to start watching Fringe, now that window washing season is over 😦 …

  2. What a day Fred! You guys don’t mess around when you go out!
    You made me laugh about TD, maybe it’s a sign………..

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